Building Brands
Building a brand is more than just a logo, website, or sales brochure… it is a commitment that permeates the whole organization. It ensures that at every touch point your brand image and message is clear, consistent, cohesive and credible and adds to the overall customer experience.

Unique Corporate Identity
In a crowded market place creating a unique brand identity helps differentiate your business. RSA Marketing can create a new powerful corporate identity or help your brand evolve to meet today’s market or changing demographics.

Brand Guidelines
A brand identity is a valuable asset that must be protected, applied, and managed in a consistent manner. We can develop Branding Guides to provide clear directions that employees, agencies and suppliers should adhere to, embrace and apply across all media.

To help define the brand, RSA Marketing has established a process that will build brand awareness, improve performance, and drives sales.

Create a Brand Road Map
The brand “road map” is designed to clearly communicate your corporate message over the long term. It can appear intimidating but the scale of the project depends on various issues including the desired need to change, timeline and of course your budget!

  1. SWOT Analysis
  2. Review Current Marketing Collateral
  3. Create Brand Road Map – Vision, Mission, Positioning, Message, etc.
  4. Produce a Brand Identity Guide – Logo, Colours, Typeface, etc.
  5. Design Corporate Stationary – Letterhead, Business Cards, Signage, etc.

The bottom line is that branding should help create instant recognition. A brand identity and brand road map ensures that your brand is seen, heard, remembered and respected for years to come.

Kick Start Your Brand
Contact Rob Stonehewer to help build a brand road map and start the creation or evolution of your brand identity.

“Focus group feedback was presented in an actionable format to facilitate the creation of the Brand Road Map. The sessions were invaluable in communicating the core values of our product in our upcoming marketing campaign.”

Brand Name
Brand Creation or Evolution
Brand Research
Brand Road Map
Brand Identity
Brand Strategy & Launch